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Date : 05 Abril 2018
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Demi chef de partie

Good Morning, My names Anthony , 24y/o and i am italian.
Currently I am a chef de partie at the court of Pastry chef Tiziano Mita (who has been pastry chef to Pierre Gagnaire 3 michelin star restaurant in Paris) of the 5-star luxury hotel Borgo Egnazia, Puglia.

Over the last year I have kept updated on the Modern patisserie following day by day new innovations and also Masterclasses like the one with the pastry chef Johan Martin. A  kind of pastry that unfortunately here in Italy does not find an outlet. The are many reasons as people, culture but I'm not here looking for problems,I  rather find solutions. What I would like is to approach to your pastry and how to do it better than going inside? I  believe that it s time to have an experience in Spain, with the humility of starting from the beginning and with the desire to become French. I am extremely available for a commis or demi chef position.

Thanks for your attention, I hope to receive feedback from you soon.

Kind regards,

Anthony Falcone