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Date : 17 Febrero 2019
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French Pastry Student

Dear Mr. Duytsche,

My name is Vlada and I am currently about to finish my Pastry Course at Le Cordon Bleu in Madrid; therefore, I am looking for an opportunity to do an internship in a pastry shop to acquire practical experience.

Working with pastry has been my biggest passion for last 5 years, but only now I got a chance to acquire professional education. Before my dream came true, I was working as a photographer for a while, gained Bachelor in International Relations and Masters in International Management.

Even though my background does not have enough practical experience in pastry, I am really eager to learn. My dream is to open a pastry shop of my own, so in pursuit of this, I am very motivated to work and gain as much kitchen experience as possible.

I am a big fan of your works. I have got to know about your bakery through Mariya Selyanina (I have been following her for a while), and I thought that I would be very interested to become a part of your team and learn from you.

I really look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best,